Suzanne Goopy

Associate Professor | University of Calgary

Suzanne Goopy is an Associate Professor of Community Health in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary. Suzanne’s approach to research brings together arts-based engagement ethnography with a curiosity about the secondary use of ‘big data.’ Her aim is always to find innovative ways to engage with contemporary issues and challenges. Suzanne works with academic and industry research partners and has collaborated across different fields including library sciences, environmental design, medicine, nursing, psychology, arts and documentary practice. Her core research expertise is in the area of newcomer experiences and the everyday. Suzanne is recognized for her innovative digital, visual and cultural research and in particular her dissemination methodologies. Of note is Suzanne’s recent project Empathic Cultural Mapping - a multilayered exploration of knowledge translation and exchange. Asked what is the most important part of her research, Suzanne will answer, unequivocally, that it is the ability to disseminate her work to the broadest possible audience with the hope of engaging individuals, groups, scholars, and governments in open and progressive dialogue. Since coming to Canada, Suzanne has learned to appreciate the joys and miseries of snow and has learned what cold really is. Some Examples of Suzanne’s work can be found here: Urban Healthscapes: Empathic Cultural Mapping Mangiare Bene: to eat well My Home My History Research Interests Visual and Documentary Practice, Health, Migration, Cultural Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, Design Practice, Knowledge Transfer and Exchange